Mensural is indicated in amenorrhoea (absence or abnormal stoppage of menses)

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Indication:   Mensural is indicated in amenorrhoea (absence or abnormal stoppage of menses), dysmenorrhoea (painful menstrual flow) metrorrhagia (discharge of excessive black blood from the womb), menorrhagia (excessive menstruation), ovaritis, pain or inflamation in uterus, leucorrhoea (white, yellow, or green discharge from vagina), anaemia, backache and frigidity.

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Each 5 ml. contains : Abroma Augusta Ø 0.05 ml, Abroma Radix Ø 0.05ml, Aletris Farinosa Ø 0.01 ml, Alfalfa Ø 0.05ml, Terminalia Arjuna Ø 0.01 ml, Berberis Vulgaris Ø 0.02 ml, Caulophyllum T. Ø 0.01 ml, Cinchona Ø 0.05ml, Crataegus oxy Ø 0.01 ml, Ashoka (Janosia Ashoka) Ø 0.10 ml, Pulsatilla N Ø 0.02ml, Viburnum Prun Ø 0.01 ml, Kali Brom 1x 5.00mg, Alcohol 6.5% v/v, Excipients Q.S.

Female Adults : Two teaspoonful with water thrice daily or as directed by the physician. Store in a cool & dark place. Shake well before use.
Size : 115 ml, 450 ml

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