Helpful in gaining flesh, improves nutrition, checks mental exhaustion.

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Indication: Helpful in gaining flesh, improves nutrition, checks mental exhaustion, break-down condition, anaemia, neuresthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness and sexual weakness. Helps treat Vertigo, stiffness of joints, anxiety, tired and debilitating conditions and headache. Improves appetite and digestion. Decreases the secretion of phosphate which produces exhaustion. General soreness, aching, hoarseness and tremor are also cured. Vision is also improved by its use.

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Each 5ml contains : Avena sativa Ø 0.25ml, China Officinalis 2x 0.025ml, Ginseng Ø 0.025ml, Hydrastis Can Ø 0.025ml, Alfalfa Ø 0.25ml, Acid Formicum 4x 0.025ml, Lecithin 2x 0.05gm, Coca Ø 0.125ml, Janosia Ashoka 2x 0.025ml, Manganum Aceticum 2x 0.025ml, Flavoured syrup base Q.S., Alcohol 9% v/v.

Two Teaspoonful thrice a day or as directed by the physician. Store in a cool & dark place. Shake well before use.

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